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East TN EV Resources for You

Alongside several partners including KEVA (the Knoxville Electric Vehicle Association), we are working to provide several resources here for those interested in electric vehicles in this region. Here's a list of at-your-fingertips resources:
  • A map of Level 2 and DC Fast Charge locations across the East Tennessee is just below!
  • We have started a Facebook Group for East TN EV owners! This group is a "closed" group in that only invited EV owners will be able to join, write on the wall, or post pictures or the like. Anyone can view the page. Just click here to access it: http://www.facebook.com/groups/187109268036812/. If you like to join the group, contact one of our administrators.
  • Also, relatively new is a protected Google doc list of EV owners across East Tennessee! If you'd like to be added to the list of EV owners in the region, please contact one of our list administrators: David Hrivnak, John McMillian, or Jonathan Overly.
  • Learn more about EVs, and find links to EV manufacturers information online by clicking here.
  • Find contact information for EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) companies and their contact for East TN by clicking here.

East TN EVSE Map - Level 2 & DC Fast Chargers in East Tennessee

This map is a work in progress for 2011 and 2012 - check back regularly for updates. Both currently installed and potential EVSE locations are shown, by type (commercial or municipal). Some private installations are shown as well.

The below is a Google map! You can double-click to zoom in and out, grab it and move it, and click on the icons to learn more about each location. If you see any stations that need to be added or changes that need to be made, email Jonathan Overly

View East TN EVSE Map in a larger map

Most of this equipment is being installed thanks to The EV Project! You can read more about this project by visiting the project Website: http://http://www.TheEVProject.com/.

Page last updated November 7, 2011 by JGO. Site plotting updates help in Fall 2011 by ETCleanFuels intern Leah Moore.
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